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🇨🇦⛄️New 2022 Mini Canadian Jingle Snowmen - Limited Editions⛄️🇨🇦


These dapper Canadian Snowmen are a dressed up version of my famous mini jingle snowmen. They wear glittery red tophats and feature an enamel Canadian emblem: maple leaf, Canadian flag and a Moose!
Numbers are limited, so first come first served!
(Early organized shoppers always snap up the good stuff!)

These are perfect to adorn gifts, or to add to your mini tree, or as a Welcome to Canada keepsake for a new member of your community. These would be a Hot Seller at the Granville Island Market where I usually spend a week selling my designs before the Holidays- but I have a feeling they won’t even make it to shows this year…
Each measures 2.0” tall.