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🍄New 2022 Glittery Mushroom with Crystal Accents - 3 Styles to Choose From🍄

$28.75 / Coming Soon

Sometimes Beauty is Simple: Bringing Nature indoors adds life to your Living Space and the Pagans began bringing greenery indoors to decorate over the cold winter months. Trees were adorned with nuts and oranges, leaves and vines.
🍄You will be seeing a lot of these red & white mushrooms in Christmas home decor this year! They are called Fly Agaric mushrooms and they have been ubiquitous in German Holiday decor for eons- they represent luck, renewal, and good fortune. 🍄

I have created my own designs and accented them in clear Swarovski crystal flatbacks for extra sparkle and extra light energy for the Holidays. Look under the cap for the fine ribbed “gill” detailing found in many mushroom types.

So why not add these simple, yet eye catching beauties to your tree this year to welcome luck into your life & household?

These are available in 3 different styles:
Button Dome Cap on the Left: @ 2” tall, @ 2” wide
Arrowhead Cap Long/Skinny in the Middle: @ 4” tall, @ 1.5” wide
Bell Cap on the Right: @ 3.25” tall, @ 2” wide