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Q. What are the ornaments made of?
A. The ornaments are made from polymer clay, a man made non toxic plasticized clay and I embellish them with Swarovski crystal, natural items, vintage jewellery findings and other world sourced treasures.

Q. How much is shipping & handling?
A. Shipping varies depending on where you live, how many items are purchased and the weight of the parcel. If you require insurance, or a tracking number that is an extra charge.

Q. How long does it take to receive my purchase?
A. Orders received prior to Sept. 15th, ship out within 2 business days if all items are in stock. Orders placed after Sept. 15th are made to order as inventory is tied up for direct sales at shows. I am very proactive in getting your orders to you for the Christmas Holidays. In general, I endeavour to have all my orders shipped by Dec. 10th so that there is 2 weeks for you to receive your gifts for Christmas. Orders shipped in Canada are shipped with my small business priority shipping which usually ships 1 day faster than regular post. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Shipping is depending on the season. The Christmas season from mid November thru Dec. 22nd, you can expect delivery times to be longer due to the numbers of parcels flooding the market. For Canadian customers, regular parcels will arrive between 3 - 7 days depending on location. For US customers, please allow for 2 weeks delivery as customs can slow down delivery. During off season, customers in the US have received their packages from 7 to 10 days, dependent on location. (This delivery time can increase during the Holiday season)

Q. Are your ornaments safe for young children?
A. The ornaments are not recommended to be handled by children under the age of 6 as they are not toys and are fragile. They are made of a sturdy material, however the more detailed and ornate pieces are more fragile. I always recommend adult supervision for children under 8 years of age handling the ornaments to ensure there is no disappointment.

Q. Do you personalize the ornaments?
A. Many of my ornaments can be personalized but I do not do personalizing myself. In general, if you wish to personalize an item, I recommend: - Spread some clear nail polish over the surface you wish to personalize & let it dry. (Best to write on an ornament which has more of a flat surface) - Using a permanent fine to med fine marker, gently write the childʼs name. (Best to use a marker which can be gently removed with alcohol in case a mistake is made)

Q. What is your return policy?

A. I do not take returns on items, refund money, or reimburse for shipping charges except when:

a) The item that was shipped was damaged in transit
b) The wrong product was shipped as a result of my error.

- In the case the item you received was broken, please bring the item and the package it was received in to the post office to file a report. Please make a copy of the report and send it with the damaged product back to me via regular mail, and I will replace it and reimburse you for shipping after I have received it and the report.

- If you received the wrong product, please send the product back to me in its' packaging via regular mail, and I will send you the correct design you selected and reimburse your shipping cost.

Please remember:

Before you submit your order, go over the items in your cart to ensure everything you want is in the cart. Remove any items you do not want by clicking on the red box with the X on it. All items submitted per order will be charged and shipped if in stock.

When making your selections, take the time to choose the correct design or colour, and then verify it in your cart before you submit your order. Please be aware that the photo of the item in your cart may or may not reflect the item you have selected. The description of the item that you have chosen will be the one you will receive and charged for. Please doublecheck that the items in your cart are indeed the items you wish to receive.

Q. What if something I order is out of stock?
A. I have limited the numbers of ornaments available for sale on my website to ensure inventory control, however the odd mistake does happen. If I am able to create another item in time, I will include it, if not, I will ship a partial order and refund you the balance of the other items and handling fees where applicable. Always best to order items outside of the Christmas rush to ensure you get everything you want. (Before Dec. 1st)

Q. Do you offer discounts on larger orders?
A. I do not offer discounts on multiples or larger orders. As each piece is lovingly hand crafted and finished with great care and detail, I cannot offer a discount at this time.

Q. Do you do custom orders?
A. For custom orders, I require 8 months advance notice. I also require a non-refundable $250.00 deposit, and charge $50.00 per hour for work done on your order. Custom orders are very challenging, and prove to be costly to the customer due to changes, or refining designs so you are happy. I have had numerous requests for wedding, birthdays and other important celebrations, but bear in mind, my busy season is from October to December. My best advice is to request your custom order a year ahead of when you need it.

Q. I dropped my ornament on a hard surface and it broke, what can I do?
A. The wonder of the clay is that it if it breaks, it breaks cleanly and the pieces can easily be pieced back together. I recommend an adult piece the ornament together to see where the pieces match up, and then using a dab of krazy glue gel, hold the joints together so they bond together.