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🇨🇦⛄️Large Canadian Jingle Snowmen ⛄️🇨🇦


Back for 2023!
After the whopping success of the mini versions last year, these larger snowmen with Canadiana charms offer the warm friendly energy that makes Canada great!

Customers are ordering Canadian ornaments to give to family overseas, to have as a keepsake of their visit to Canada, or to give to new neighbours in their community who are celebrating their new citizenship or first Christmas here!

These Snowmen are proud, bold, with glowing hearts, and stand out on any tree as they broadcast the two colours of the Canadian Flag which also just happen to be two of the most popular colours for Holiday decorating! 🇨🇦

They come in 3 styles, so order today and show off your Canadian Pride! ❤️

Measures @4.25”tall, Each sold separately.

  • Red Maple Leaf 1
  • I ❤️ Canada charm Sold Out
  • Canadian Flag Charm 1