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💙⛄️❤️BlueTophat w/ Crystal Snowflake or Red Tophat w/ Crystal Candycane Snowman


2023 sees the return of the popular Crystal Candycane Snowmen from a few years ago, as well as last year’s Crystal Snowflake Snowmen.

Check out the details on these charming ornaments! The crystal adornments really catch the light of the christmas tree lights and the hatbands are glittered for added ✨. Each is finished with a silk hanger.

They measure @ 3.5” tall
The photo shows a right curved candycane on the left and a left curved candycane on the right, so please make your selections below!

  • Red Tophat w/ Right Curved Candycane 3
  • Red Tophat w/ Left Curving Candycane 3
  • Blue Tophat Snowman w/ Crystal Snowflake 1