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Standing Snowmen with Light Up Lampposts ⛄️🌟⛄️


Perfect for your Christmas Village, these Standing Snowmen are the big collectibles that my customers seek out every Christmas!

This year I chose these battery operated Victorian Lampposts to showcase which were a huge seller in 2020! All are made to hold the lamppost in the Snowman's left arm (so the lamppost is seen on the right as pictured.)

The tall slender lamppost with 4 arms has a bright light, the shorter lamppost with the wreath has an amber light. Price includes a pair of 2 AA batteries, which ship on the side. (Remember to remove them after the season so they don't leak!)

You can decorate any room with one or more- let your creativity guide you! You can see other designs on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/stevegriffithsignatureornaments, or come see me at one of the shows listed in my News tab.

Snowman measures 2.0” tall on it's own. This style is available online only.