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Crystal Santas 🎅🏻✨🎅🏻

$55.00 / Coming Soon

These Santas are made with Feng Shui Swarovski 20mm crystal, and are bound to bring good luck and fortune to your family during the Holidays & coming year. Each crystal has 8 lucky rows of triangular facets to bring vibrant light and energy to your Holiday decorating.

Santa also sports a tiny red crystal nose. These are a beautiful gift for a special friend at Christmas, or treat yourself to a new colour each year! And, there are larger sizes available at my shows- sign up for my email newsletter to get dates & places where you can shop in person for designs not available on the website! You can email me to order the larger 30mm crystal size - they are 62.00 each.

The ones pictured are 2” tall

Available in a variety of colours listed below.