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Limited Edition Cardinal


Memories of the haunting cry of the Cardinal are reflected in this new 2018 design. You often hear the bird's cry before you can spot him, and that vibrant red plumage. I have used red glitter clay to add a playful reflective quality when the birds are near Christmas lights or candles. I have also designed them so they look left, right or straight ahead.

These beauties can be hung or perch on a flat surface such as a mantle, shelf or window ledge. For clarity, I have photographed the Cardinals to portray their different "looks". For instance, the first photo shows the first bird looking right, and the second looking left. The second photo depicts a Cardinal looking straight ahead, and it is also at the centre of the third photo.
I'm sure you will agree that they look great paired with one or two others if they are to sit on your mantle.
Add a bold pop of red to your decorating with these Christmas birds. Lovingly recreated to the finest detail & finished with 2 black Swarovski crystal eyes.

These measure @ 3.5” long, 2.25" tall.
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